A global Commitment

Today, immunization saves about 3 million lives every year. With appropriate efforts, immunization could prevent 1.5 million deaths. Our vision is a world in which no one suffers or dies from a vaccine preventable disease.

Immunization Week 2016

‘‘Immunization is one of the most successful and cost-effective means to help children grow into healthy adults. We have made enormous progress, but one in five children is still not being reached. In addition, too many adolescents and adults are not receiving the vaccines they need to help them stay healthy throughout life. It’s time to close the gap.” WHO 2016 initiative on World Immunization Week

As a public health partner and one of the worldwide leader in vaccines, Sanofi Pasteur is proud to support this WHO initiative and to raise awareness on the importance of vaccination and 4 key infectious diseases.
- meningitis
- polio
- flu
- whooping cough

Through the comics designed to target adolescents, our future responsible adults, discover how immunization is key for a healthy world.


Download the comic "Introduction"

Download the booklet (flipbook)


Students from the Academy of Vaccinology of Sienna visit Sanofi Pasteur