R & D

Creating solutions for tomorrow through Research and Development

Innovation is the key to improving people's health worldwide and to our company's success. That is why Sanofi Pasteur devotes more than €1 million to research and development every day.

The process to develop a new vaccine can take between 14 and 25 years with an overall cost of between $300 million and $1 billion.

Sanofi Pasteur is at the forefront of developing immunological solutions to prevent diseases for every stage of life. We are continuously harnessing new scientific knowledge and technologies to design safe and effective single-entity and combination vaccines against complex diseases for the world’s population.

Working alone or in collaboration with third parties, the company is developing vaccines against diseases for which there are pressing needs. Sixteen are currently in development or submitted for approval, focusing on new targets and improved vaccines for every stage of life:

  • vaccines against infectious diseases such as respiratory syncytial virus, for which no vaccine exists;
  • new vaccines against the diseases that plague emerging countries, such as tuberculosis;
  • novel or improved vaccines adapted to local needs such as second generation purified vero rabies vaccine (VRVg);
  • new combination vaccines for every stage of life such as a ready to use 6-in-1 pediatric vaccine (reducing the number of injections against 6 major childhood diseases) and new administration systems;
  • next-generation vaccines, such as a meningitis quadrivalent conjugate vaccine and;
  • vaccines to face a potential influenza pandemic.