Every season, influenza does more damage than most people realize. It can affect your child or parent, a friend or family member, a colleague or loved one. And even though we have the power to protect against it, people are still needlessly suffering and dying. Influenza is so underestimated that it seriously impacts the lives of millions, entire economies and society as a whole.
At Sanofi, we believe that we must do more to reduce the impact of influenza and its complications.

Monica Mc GiIll - Influenza Vaccine Industrial Leader


Why should we fear influenza?

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What are the consequences of influenza for people at risk?

Do you know how and where we produce influenza vaccines?

Flu vaccine production process for the Southern Hemisphere

Where do we produce our vaccines ?


A Look Inside Influenza Vaccines: Today And Tomorrow

2019-02-20MMMM D, YYYY
At the height of the flu season, headlines often claim “next generation” or “new and improved” influenza vaccines.

Influenza infographics

Infographics on how we produce our influenza vaccines

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