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Being Transparent

We recognize the importance of transparency as a mean to build trust with stakeholders including the public and most importantly the patient as the ultimate recipient of care.

A commitment to research transparency

At Sanofi Pasteur, we believe that industry-wide transparency about product development builds trust with stakeholders and helps health care professionals and their patients make the most informed treatment decisions.

We are strongly committed to promoting open access to information about all our clinical trials. To help ensure such transparency, we are committed to a set of established corporate Sanofi policies to guide our research efforts.

We register all our active, company-sponsored, clinical trials and post the results of completed trials on the US National Institute of Health's website, the European Medicine Agency European Union-Clinical Trial Register and other national public clinical trial registries to help increase awareness about their existence and purpose.

Sanofi Pasteur's commitment to research transparency is evolving, and we continue to explore ways to disseminate information about clinical trials that is valuable to both patients and health care professionals. We believe that making clinical trial data available to the research community promises to advance science and medicine, contribute to improvement in public health and improve knowledge about and trust in our vaccines.

New clinical trial data sharing practices

As a Sanofi Company, Sanofi Pasteur is beginning our implementation of the new clinical trial data sharing practices as of 01 January 2014, to further our commitment to sharing valuable information with trial participants, researchers, and the public. These practices will involve making clinical study report (CSR) synopses publicly available, submitting CSRs for publication in scientific journals, and participating in a multi-company portal for the requesting and sharing of our clinical trial data from vaccine studies, submitted either to the US or EU regulatory agencies and where the vaccine will be approved by one or both agencies.


Our data sharing commitment

We comply with the Sanofi commitment about sharing clinical trials and results.