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Influenza is a contagious disease caused by a virus - myxovirus influenzae. Often considered as a benign respiratory disease, the flu can trigger severe complications from pre-existing illness.

It is possible to prevent influenza through vaccination. The efficacy of influenza vaccines has been clinically proven. Many countries all over the world recommend vaccination during the flu season.

As the world’s largest producer of influenza vaccine for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, Sanofi Pasteur helps protect millions of people from influenza every year. In 2017 Sanofi Pasteur confirmed its leadership by completing a production of over 200 million doses of seasonal influenza vaccines, i.e approximately 40% of the influenza vaccines distributed worldwide.

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Influenza vaccine production
August 30, 2016
B-roll influenza vaccine production video

B-Roll - Influenza vaccine production step by step

2016-08-31MMMM D, YYYY
Flu vaccine production process video

Flu vaccine production process for the southern hemisphere

2015-02-19MMMM D, YYYY
Flu vaccine production process video

Flu vaccine production process for the northern hemisphere

2015-02-19MMMM D, YYYY

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