Safety & efficacy

Vaccines have to be held to the highest standard of safety. Prior to their approval by the health authorities, our vaccines are tested extensively to ensure they are effective and safe. Once in use, they are also continually monitored for safety through our pharmacovigilance system.

Sanofi Pasteur develops, manufactures and distributes vaccines that respect regulatory requirements and our company’s values. We are committed to making the safest and most effective vaccines possible available everywhere in the world.

How should vaccines be stored?

A vaccine is a biological product whose purpose is to protect the people who receive it.

To ensure its full efficacy, it must be stored at the right temperature of +2°C to +8°C. Vaccines are sensitive to heat as well as to freezing; they must not be kept in a freezer.

The cold chain must be respected every step of the way, encompassing production of the vaccine and all the successive storage and transportation phases, through to its moment of use.

Regardless of the destination of the vaccines or the mode of transport (plane, ship or truck), Sanofi Pasteur has taken numerous measures to guarantee the cold chain. In addition to insulated packaging and the use of cold source equipment, which are adjusted depending on whether the vaccines are headed for a hot or cold country, different temperature indicators and recorders are used throughout the trip. Control numbers are assigned in order to verify that the conditions have been respected at every stage.